Why We Are Adequate

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Why we don’t Give Away Free Shoots anymore.


Few things bug me as much as spending time on quotes, explanations, pre-planning, examples, question and answer, etc. just to have the client get back to me saying “thank you / sorry, we found someone cheaper”, or even worse yet, not get back to me at all!

Now this would normally not faze me at all, given the cheaper photographer has adequate work, which has never been the case. Do you (by you meaning clients who have done, and repeatedly do, this) not realize that even all this has already taken up to 2 hours of my time? Distracting me from more productive and lucrative work?


Yes, photography should, and is for us, be a passion. BUT that does not lead to the assumption that we should do it for free, or for exposure, or for contacts, or because you have contacts.


We pay for our equipment, which is not cheap. We pay and work for our exposure. We build our contacts through meetings, events, charities (legit), meet-ups, etc. And your contacts in no way at all benefits us unless they become our contacts, which also is highly unlikely, because why would you hand over your “free pass”?


What do you do for a living? A second income? Who pays your bills, luxuries, education?

Would you be willing to deliver all your services to us at no cost?

No. And you shouldn’t have to.


Getting to the end – we are adequate because we have invested our time, money, energy and lives into building our brand, our business, our passion. We are adequate because you will love your photos after; we are adequate because we have built our resources and knowledge and we continue to do so. We are adequate because we can.


We are adequate because we deliver.


On that note – we have graduated from The Photography Institute, as well as The Shaw Academy. Click the picture below to receive an extremely generous discount via our affiliation with TSA. (Course best suited to beginners / amateurs and includes an Internationally Accredited Diploma in Photography).


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