Top 5 Natural Light Tips for Photographers

Every photographer should know how to use light when photographing,

if not, now is the time to start learning!


Top 5 Tips and Tricks

  • The best times to shoot is ALWAYS golden hour, which is one hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise. There can be some play either side of that hour, but this is where you will get your best looking images, naturally.
  • Learn the difference between back light, frontal light, and redirected light. Learn when and where to use each to create mood in your photos.
  • When possible, try not to have your subject facing the sun directly, this will have them squinting and tearing up.
  • Learn the settings of your camera for when you have to shoot in bright outdoor light, to avoid harsh, over exposed photos.
  • Always look at your location, where can light bounce from, where can light be redirected, where can your subject be placed to have perfectly lit photos without harsh shadows?



Bouquet – Taken in bright, sunny day.

Family - Natural Light

Family – Taken in golden hour, back-lit.


Tracey – Taken on extreme overcast, rainy day.

Mariza & Brendan

Mariza & Brendan – Taken in Golden hour, back lit.

Kaylin - Natural Light

Kaylin – Taken in shadows on bright, sunny day.

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