The Shaw Academy Review



Our course at The Shaw Academy was a fun, new experience for us.

This is also an online course, but with interactive webinars a few times a week. We had the chance to directly interact with our tutor, and it was much easier listening to a tutor than it is to get ourselves to sit down and do some reading.

And an extra tot of fun – our tutor has an Irish accent!

This is a starter course and is absolutely perfect for beginners and hobbyists! It is also a great refresher course for ore experienced photographers.

It is a short, but very informative course and is worth every cent. (Which is not much).

Simoné - Natural Light

Simoné – Natural Light

We were so impressed with this short course, that we have happily become their affiliates, and you can purchase this course at an IMMENSE discount right here on our website!

Just click the banner on our Home Page and it’ll take you straight to the website.