The Photography Institute Review

White-crested Helmet-Shrike - "Withelm Laksman"

White-crested Helmet-Shrike – “Withelm Laksman”

Impala - "Rooibok"

Impala – “Rooibok”

Nonnetjies Uil "Barn Owl"

Nonnetjies Uil “Barn Owl”










The Photography Institute possibly delivered the most

expansive course we have yet come across.

It is perfect for photographers who work full time, or full time photographers, as it is an online based course. (You do need internet access for this).

You have up to a year to complete your 12 modules, each of which includes an assignment at the end of the module. These modules covers all things photography, from the technical to the creative, and all niches as well.

Each student has a dedicated tutor, whom gives feedback on all your assignments and the CC from them helps immensely!

They also offer advanced courses, which includes, but are not limited to, Food Photography, Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, and many more.

The course is a bit pricey, but they run special promotions all through the year. As I am writing this post they have R500 OFF! (and if you have the patience to wait, once a year they have a 50% OFF promo!).

We definitely advise this course to anyone who is looking to forward their career in Photography!





Example of a Shallow Depth of Field (DOF)

Example of a Shallow Depth of Field (DOF)