My Must Have Apps

This might be cliche, but I am an absolute app girl, I have nearly 30 apps on my phone, and this is an increasing number, rather than decreasing.


These apps range from simple photo editing apps, to mind challenging games,

and even some I probably use once a month, but below is a list of my (5) must have apps.










  1. Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Pages Manager – This is my main manner of communication with existing and potential clients.
  2. Pinterest – I use this to save ideas to send to clients for upcoming shoots.
  3. Whitagram – To make that pretty white border around my Instagram posts and profile pictures.
  4. YouTube – To watch helpful tutorials.
  5. Lifesum – To stay updated on my health habits and food intake per day.
  6. Retrica – To slap a nice filter on my cell phone snaps.

Comment with your favorite Apps for us to check out!

Until next time,