Model Portrait Session│How To Pose, What To Wear & How To Prep

To start of – you don’t have to be a professional model to take advantage  of this offer. This is a normal Portrait session.
Kaylin - Natural Light

Kaylin – Natural Light


Generally we need only an hour, for an amazing shoot. In this hour you can do as many outfit changes as you wish, but we recommend 2-3 maximum, as this also deducts from your time for shooting.


How To Pose

  1. Think sleek lines, straightened back, and tummy tucked.
  2. Pop your hip.
  3. Do not hold your breath or suck in your stomach.
  4. Push your tongue against the top of your mouth.
  5. Place your hands right above your hip-bone.
  6. Do not be afraid to try something new.

These are quite basic, and should help in most situations. Try not to stand upright and “stick’y”, bending your knee, pops your hip and automatically gives depth and motion to the picture. Pushing your tongue against the top of your mouth sucks in the dreaded double chin tremendously and naturally, where as sucking in your tummy, makes you look nervous and uncomfortable. It also often leads to you looking very unnatural.



Also – practice posing BEFORE your photo session.

For some great posing tips and tricks, see these Pinterest posts.[]=posing|autocomplete|3&remove_refine=photography|autocomplete|3


What To Wear

  1. Check current fashion trends, but stick to classics.
  2. Wear unbranded clothing.
  3. Shy away from extremely bright colours, stick to neutrals and muted colours.
  4. Wear form fitting, but not overly tight clothes.
  5. Ensure that NO BRA STRAPS are visible.
  6. Wear matching or neutral underwear.
  7. Keep the location in mind and dress accordingly.
  8. Dress accordingly for your body type!
  9. Wear comfortable clothing.
  10. Wear matching shoes.

Choosing classic items ensure that your photos will be cherished for years to come, and you will never tire of looking at them and appreciating your beauty, branded clothing will distract from your photos and in a few years time you won’t love the same shirt you wore to the shoot. Bright colours tend to cast unnatural colours on your skin, and are not always as flattering as it seems, where as neutral colours is flattering on everyone, and never goes out of style.

Girls, please, visible bra straps are not only hard to remove in post-processing, but also extremely unflattering and sends a completely wrong message to the viewer and photographer. We realize this might happen by accident, but this is mostly not the case. Wear a bra suited to your outfit, and matching colours as well, you do not want your black polka dot bra showing through your purple shirt.

Liandri - Natural Light

Liandri – Natural Light

For some great dressing tips and tricks, see these Pinterest posts.[]=neutral|autocomplete|1&term_meta[]=outfit|autocomplete|1&term_meta[]=ideas|autocomplete|1


How To Prep

  1. Clean your nails, wash your hair, pluck, wax and shave.
  2. Also – brush your teeth.
  3. If you are wearing nail polish, touch it up.
  4. Ensure your hair is tidy and styled.
  5. Moisturize your body, (especially elbows and feet), and lips!
  6. Do not eat anything that will make you feel and look bloated for at least 2 days before the shoot.
  7. Do not eat or drink anything that might stain your teeth the day of the shoot.
  8. Bring along hair ties, clips, and an extra set of clothing and shoes in case of an accident.
  9. Bring along comfortable shoes for walking if you are wearing heels.
  10. Do not over accessorize and iron your clothes.


As an added bonus to this prepping article, we are offering a model shoot at discounted price until end of December.

Please book ASAP to avoid disappointment.


Normal Price – R650

Special Price – R450 only!

E-mail us at to book your session!


Until next time

Blue Blood Photography Team