Family Portrait Session │What To Wear & How To Prep

We have been getting so many requests for family photo shoots lately, and paired with that the “what should we wear?”, being the most prominent question of all.

*These also applies to couples and friends shoots.


What To Wear


  1. Dress in complimentary colours.
  2. Dress comfortably, but neat.
  3. Let your children dress comfortably, and wear something that makes them happy.
  4. If you are going to be wearing heals, wedges, boots – bring along flat shoes for walking.
  5. Iron your clothes.


  1. Dress in matching colours.
  2. Show up in formal dresses and ties, unless your children are most comfortable that way.
  3. Have food stains, wet patches, etc. on your clothes.
  4. Wear dirty, ragged shoes or clothing.
  5. Wear clothing with branding on.

This might seem stiff and strange, but when you really think about it – do you want to remember the day as an uncomfortable event you wanted to get over with, or a day you spent with your family which was well worth the amount you paid?



  1. Clean your nails, even your husbands.
  2. Wear a matching nail polish.
  3. Ensure your nail polish is not chipped.
  4. Shave!
  5. If your husband has a beard, trim it neatly.
  6. Moisturize, all over your body, including your lips.
  7. Bring along chap stick (lip-ice).
  8. Bring along hair ties and clips.
  9. Bring along an extra set of clothing for the children (in case they get messy)
  10. Be on Time!


Some wonderful ideas on coordinating, not matching, your outfits![]=co-ordinated|typed&term_meta[]=family|typed&term_meta[]=outfits|typed


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See you, and your beautiful family, soon!

BBP Team