Big Burn Fitness

Being a part of the Big Burn Tae-Bo team myself, I know there is so much more to this en-devour than meets the eye. It is a (big) group of people, supporting each other, accepting each other, helping each other, a group of friends, working together towards a healthier future for themselves and each other, all under the leadership of Benson Rewu, a wonderfully God-Loving man.


Benson – Big Burn Fitness


We start of our session with a prayer, followed by a warm up. and rigorous exercise regimen, with a few short breaks in between. Class runs for about an hour, and after we warm down, we head home feeling refreshed and de-stressed.



Benson – Big Burn Fitness

And of course, Benson has quite a lot of patience with us chatting all through the class.

There is 3 classes a week, every week of the month.


Rewu Family

I recently had the honor of photographing this inspiring family, and we had so much fun!



Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Time: 17:00 – 18:00

Amount: R150 / person / month

Place: NG Church Hall, Barberton

Contact: Benson Rewu – (079) 110 2896


Benson – Big Burn Fitness

Join today! You won’t regret  it!


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