Who We Are





Very few people ask about the meaning behind our business name, Blue Blood Photography, but the few who do, always seem to be surprised when we tell them what it means to us. It took us hours of searching and thinking and combining, until we finally stumbled upon the perfect name.


When you look up Blue Blood in a dictionary (or online), its definition is “noble birth” and every so often “royalty”, which is exactly why we chose this name.


“My passion for photography started as a hobby, when my father gave me my first DSLR, which had then belonged to him. And once I started I couldn’t stop! I was watching tutorials, buying photography magazines and researching every free minute I had. A friend and I then started a small business, but it never really took off. Around this time, I met Marlee, and she fuelled my hobby into a full-blown passion. She was my muse and inspiration to pursue and even better myself in the art of photography. She didn’t know much about photography, only being a model sporadically, but she has a creative insight you would need in our line of work. After the first partnership didn’t work out, she and I joined forces and started Blue Blood Photography, soon after I was teaching her what I could. That was three years ago. Today I’m a graduated photographer, even further developing my skills, and helping others develop theirs.” – Shaun Vos


“I was never really interested in photography, except when I got to be in front of the camera. One day this cute guy (hint: Shaun) hit me up on Facebook, saying he would love to photograph me. And that’s how it started. I lived about four hours drive away from him, but that did not stop our relationship, both personal and business related, to soar. After a few months of chatting, I went to my home town to visit him, and BBP was born. Another few months after that he taught me what he knew, but I still didn’t shoot until later, when he gave me the same camera his father gave him. And just like that I was irrevocably hooked! I also recently graduated from The Photography Institute, and very much look forward to our next courses. I’ll never look back a day of my life, this is what I want to be doing full-time, and I will realize that dream, one day. In the meantime, I’m co-managing our business, and working a 9 – 5 job (okay 8) and I recently won the South African Council of Business Women’s Youth Project award, which is a great honour and exciting new journey.” – Marlee Steyn