10 (000) Reasons To Own A 50mm Lens

As photographers we have by now all heard of, and purchased, the 50mm Prime Lens. But if you have not yet – here are some great reasons to do so ASAP.


  1. Allows more light to filter through. (Fast shutter for low light conditions.)
  2. Improved sharpness.
  3. Vastly improved Depth of Field.
  4. Encourages creativity by limiting your zooming capabilities.
  5. It is lightweight.
  6. It is inexpensive.
  7. The Field of Vision resembles that of the human eye.
  8. Great for Street Photography.
  9. Great for Travel Photography.
  10. Can be turned into an alternative Macro Lens.


Examples of photos taken with a 50mm lens.



Bella - Natural Light

Bella – Natural Light

Kaylin - Natural Light

Kaylin – Natural Light










Some more, unbiased, photos taken with a 50mm lens.



Inspiring, isn’t it? Worth investing in at a very good price!

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If you have any more pros, or cons, feel free to comment on this post!


Until next time.

Blue Blood Photography Team